Why Is The Engagement Of Social Media Followers More Important Than The Number Of Followers

Like us you probably also have a lot of opinions on the significance and meaning of those two metrics some of them negative. But that of course is hard to work with because building engagement takes time and as noted if you don t have any followers initially it s harder to build an audience because people won t take your seriously.

Numbers Don T Matter Influence Does Garyvaynerchuk Com

No matter how sophisticated your social media strategy is or isn t you likely have to report on two of the most common social media metrics followers and engagement.

Why is the engagement of social media followers more important than the number of followers. The engagement rate offers a much clearer picture of the success of the brand on facebook as it allows brands to gauge how much engagement they are getting on the social media platform. It s a measurement of how many people are paying attention to and interacting with your brand on a daily basis. Why engagement is more important than followers.

For more great tips have a read of how to increase social media engagement with your brand or business improving your engagement rates on social media means so much more than just receiving likes or new followers. The counter to this is that you actually don t need more followers but you need more engaged followers. The size of your audience on social media doesn t matter if no one is paying attention.

There are social media accounts with more than a million followers who only get several hundred reactions per post sometimes much less. Here s a look into why we think social media engagement is so important and how you can overcome roadblocks to develop a successful strategy. At weblognorth we are huge advocates of the microblogger.

Then there are accounts with less than 100 000 followers who are getting thousands and thousands of reactions per post and those posts on accounts with less followers are actually being seen by more people. Why social media engagement levels are more important than big follower counts. Most social media platforms do not show company content to followers who are not highly engaged.

In such a followers lead age where it can feel like your content will never be successful unless you have 100 000 followers it s hard to ignore that your own number count rising painfully slowly. In fact we ll go so far as to say that how many followers you have doesn t really matter at all. Social media engagement offers social proof of your business social media engagement isn t simply the number of instagram followers you have or the number of likes you ve accumulated on your business facebook page although those things do make a difference when it comes to how your business is perceived by a prospective customer.

Why is the engagement of social media followers more important than the number of followers. If a company s social media followers exhibit greater purchase frequency than non followers this could be a sign that the company s social media efforts. As social media platforms evolve to reward authentic social media behaviour social media engagement has become a vital part of any marketing strategy.

In simple terms engagement rate on facebook can be calculated as the number of people talking about this divided by the total number of likes.

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